Each CertaDose syringe is labeled with easy to recognize color zones that match the Broselow® color system to help clinicians verify the correct dose during
critical, time-sensitive situations.

The Problem:

  • Approximately 7,000 children die1 and 140,000 children are injured2 each year due to dosing errors in the U.S.
  • Medical professionals misdose patients up to 37% of the time3.
  • Dosing errors are 300% more likely in children than adults4.

The Solution:

  • Intuitive-easy to learn, teach, and use.
  • The patient's Broselow® color zone matches the color on the CertaDoseTM syringe.
  • Color-coding virtually eliminates mistakes.

How It Works:

  1. The clinician determines the dose of medication to be given to the patient.
  2. The clinician calculates the dose of medication and carefully draws up epinephrine from its container into the syringe using the mL hash marks on the syringe.
  3. To validate the correct dose, the clinician measures the child on the Broselow® color system and assigns the corresponding color to the child.
  4. The clinician confirms the dose drawn matches the appropriate color on the CertaDoseTM syringe. IF THE COLORS DON'T MATCH, THE DOSE IS NOT GIVEN.