Mission Statement

Saving kids’ lives by making critical dosing errors a thing of the past.

About Us

CertaDoseTM offers a unique measuring system that helps eliminate dosing errors in kids by using any of the industry standard methods of estimating a patient’s weight, including length and age, and automatically converts that weight to the appropriate dosage on our color-coded syringe.

Dr. Caleb Hernandez is the creator of the CertaDoseTM syringe and the company’s Chief Medical Officer. He is an attending physician in the Emergency Department for University of Colorado Health, is Board Certified in Emergency Medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine, and a Fellow for the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. Hernandez’s personal experience with saving a child’s life by preventing an accidental overdose of 10-times the correct amount inspired him to invent a solution for such medical errors and adverse drug events. This is how CertaDoseTM was born. Dr. Hernandez has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals on these subjects and regularly speaks at emergency medicine conferences.

Our Team

Our management team includes core people with significant medical device experience and commitment to take CertaDoseTM to the next level. Click below to view our Executive Leadership and Board of Directors.

Executive Leadership

Dr. Caleb Hernandez, CertaDoseTM Inventor, Chief Medical Officer, Emergency Medicine Specialist
Caleb Hernandez, DO, FACEP, is currently an attending physician in the Emergency Department for University of Colorado Health. He is board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and is a Fellow for the American College of Emergency Physicians. Additionally, he is the EMS Medical Director for a large company in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he oversees the First Responder Service for the facility. Dr. Hernandez’s passion for patient safety in emergency medicine and pediatrics inspired him to invent a solution that can eliminate medical errors and adverse drug events. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals on these subjects and regularly speaks at emergency medicine conferences.

Dr. Larry Miller, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Board of Directors, Senior Medical Advisor
Larry Miller, MD, was the founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Vidacare Corporation. While there he invented the EZ-IO®, a battery-powered driver that inserts an IO needle into the bone in less than 5 seconds. The EZ-IO® earned the 2008 Wall Street Journal Innovation of the Year Award, as well as the 2005 Gold Medical Design Excellence Award for the powered OnControl bone biopsy device. Dr. Miller has been granted more than 144 patents for innovative intraosseous technology and he has gained FDA approval for 22 devices and indications. Previously, Dr. Miller practiced emergency medicine for more than 30 years, where he treated over 120,000 emergency patients. He is considered the world’s leading authority on intraosseous physiology after spending over 25 years directing intraosseous research and conducting many clinical trials. He has published over 25 research articles and has lectured extensively to the emergency medicine community in the USA, Latin America, and Europe.

Eric Eisbrenner, Chief Financial Officer
Eric Eisbrenner, CertaDoseTM Chief Financial Officer, brings more than 35 years in financial experience to the company. He is the co-founder and former Chief Financial Officer, and later took on the role of Vice President of Business Development, at Vidacare Corporation, a global medical device start-up company located in San Antonio, Texas. Vidacare Corporation was sold in November 2013 for $268 million to Teleflex Corporation. While at Vidacare Corporation, Eric played pivotal leadership roles in many aspects of starting and building Vidacare Corporation to more than 150 employees around the world. Revenues at the time of exit reached $70+ million. During his tenure at Vidacare Corporation, Eric was instrumental in raising $30 million in capital. He assisted in obtaining thirteen FDA 510(k) clearances, four major grants totaling more than three million dollars, and in creating a new product line for the company with a market size of more than $700 million. He helped Vidacare Corporation earn the prestigious 2008 Wall Street Journal Innovation Award as well as the 2005 Gold Medical Design Excellence Award.

Greg Walker, Executive Vice President Sales
Greg Walker is a highly motivated business leader with proven track record in developing commercial sales organizations by providing direction, support, and leadership to achieve multiple company objectives. Throughout his career, he has created and led organization with focus on sales growth, profitability, and operational efficiency. Greg has more than 30 years of broad based experience in sales with the last 20 year’s dedicated in the medical device and diagnostic industry. Greg prefers the “start-up” environment and has broad based expertise in successfully bringing innovative products to market and sustaining growth of that product over a long period of time. He has a passion and commitment to pioneering products that drive patient outcomes, improve quality of care, and have the potential to be the standard of care device.

Robert W Titkemeyer, Quality and Manufacturing Specialist
Robert W. Titkemeyer, Quality and Manufacturing Specialist brings more than 30 years of experience in medical device startups, placing innovative products on the domestic and international medical device market including Vidacare’s EZ-IO® vascular access devices and Kinetic Concepts Inc (KCI) wound healing and patient support products. Bob’s background includes a successful history of establishing Quality and Operations functions in these companies and selection and control of contract manufacturing resources to bring new medical devices to market. Bob also has an extensive knowledge of the domestic and international regulatory process which resulted in the successful authorization by FDA, CE, and international regulatory authorities to market medical devices in 60 countries, including China and Japan. He has successfully guided three medical device companies through 10 extensive FDA audits without any compliance issues.

Board of Directors

Dr. Stephen Hoffenberg, MD, FACEP, Board of Directors
Stephen Hoffenberg is an emergency physician having practiced in the Denver area since 1978. He was Chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rose Medical Center from 1982 through 1996, when he organized the CarePoint Medical Group and continues to serve as its CEO. CarePoint is one of Colorado’s largest private practices and is a multi-specialty group with 111 emergency medicine practitioners, 25 neurologist, 26 pediatricians, and 28 hospitalists.

John Blood, Advisor
John Blood is an experienced financial executive who has spent his professional career focused on helping companies manage rapid growth. In addition to his role as Treasurer of CertaDose, which he cofounded with Dr. Caleb Hernandez in 2013, he currently is CFO of Breckenridge-Wynkoop. Previously, John was the CFO and Head of Business Development with Sphero (fka Orbotix, in Boulder) and National Rehab Equipment (Pittsburgh). Prior to that, he was a private equity investor with AEA Investors (New York), Star Capital (London), and Madison Dearborn Partners (Chicago).

Advisory Board

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